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The Dentistry Guide

Dentists and Invisalign



Your dentists can provide you with services like cavity treatments, teeth whitening, dental implants, professional cleaning, and invisalign braces. When your teeth are crooked or not aligned, it isn't only the aesthetic that you should worry about. This could also lead to a few health problems. There are a lot of options to straighten your teeth but the most effective one would be invisalign.


How long does Invisalign treatment last? Invisalign are retainers that are made of smooth and clear plastic that is formed to perfectly fit your mouth. They can also be easily removed and so you wouldn't have to keep wearing them if you don't want to. Non toxic aligners are used every two weeks. What is great about them is because they are invisible, people won't know that you are wearing them. This is especially beneficial for people who are conscious about wearing braces or anything too obvious on their teeth, which is a common insecurity.


Because you can easily take them out, you wouldn't need to have any food restrictions since you can just remove them before eating. Compared to traditional braces, you wouldn't need to have a lot of visits to the dentist as well. Your dentist can properly put in the invisalign and it can gradually move your teeth effectively and gently into the right position, without the use of any metal brackets or similar things. Read also about braces vs invisalign at our site.


When not treated properly, crooked or misaligned teeth could lead to problems like gum disease or periodontal disease. This happens because when teeth are too far apart or crowded, gums could get swollen. It could then lead to bacteria causing tooth decay and gum disease. Other issues that could be encountered include bleeding gums, tooth loss, and bad breath. There have also been studies showing that mouth infections can be a cause of more serious health issues like heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, and even diabetes.


When your teeth can be straightened, it will also lead to better oral hygiene, and an overall healthy body. Invisalign is a safe and pain free way of straightening your teeth. It doesn't need any surgical procedure and has been proven to provide quicker results. By getting the right dentist, they will be able to provide you with the right guidelines and suggestions when it comes to getting braces or getting your teeth straightened. With the right regimen, guidelines and checkups, you could be on your way to straighter teeth, and a healthier mouth. Get facts on cosmetic dentistry at